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Plum Coulee's 60th Anniversary Parade in 1961.

Credit: D. K. Friesen

Rosenfeld, while it lost almost all of its services during the 1970's and early 1980's, has managed its population base as a residential community. It contains the only Lutheran Church with a parsonage and resident pastor in Rhineland and in the 1970's and 1980's has taken steps to improve the quality of life in the village. A community center was built for senior citizens and other community events, two paved tennis courts have been built, a new $400,000 elementary school has been constructed and in 1983, a water reservoir and sewage lagoon were constructed in preparation for a water and sewer system.

All of Rhineland's smaller towns and villages stabilized during the late 1970's maintaining their population levels as small agricultural service centers and residential communities. Preferring the quiet rural way of life these smaller communities fought to save their stores, schools, credit unions and churches.

Some villages, in fact, developed new enterprises such as the Evergreen Seed Farm in Rosenort (Rosetown). Started as a small seed cleaning operation in 1952, Abe Froese built this into a substantial business employing up to twenty-eight people in the late 1970's and early 1980's. Other examples of new village enterprises included the establishment of Pioneer Meat near Gnadenfeld and A & D Seeds Ltd. near Horndean. Formed in 1968 by John A. Gerbrandt and Bernie Penner, Pioneer Meat has developed from an abattoir doing custom work, peddling packaged meat from the back of a truck, into a success­ ful manufacturer of ethnic farmer sausage with 13 full time employees.

A & D Seeds Ltd. is a new company located near Horndean, established for processing special crops. The plant which is owned by Art and Dorothy Penner and managed by Rudy Fast specializes in soybeans which are marketed in Manitoba, North Dakota and Min­ nesota for seed. The company also contracts peas for All State Grain