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Otto Fielman - Rosenfeld. Born in 1928 near Rosenfeld, Otto Fielman was edu­ cated in Rosenfeld. During the 1950's he became active in farm politics serving as a local officer of the Manitoba Farmers' Union. He also became involved in co­ operatives serving on the Board of Rhine­ land Consumers Co-op which in 1970 be­ came Sun Valley Co-operative. He served on this Board from 1964 to 1973 and from 1981 to 1983 he was president. From 1962 to 1972 he also served on the Rosenfeld Pool Elevator Board. Between 1972 and 1980 he was also a provincial director of the Manitoba Pool Elevator District 2.

Credit: Louis Pokrant

Company Ltd. The peas which are produced for the commercial edible trade are exported around the world.

The council of the R.M. of Rhineland has also worked with local groups and villages in recent years to provide a potable water supply for

Evergreen Industries Evergreen Industries Ltd. of Rosetown, west of Gretna, had its beginning in 1952 when there was no market for cereal grains. Founder Abe Froese was engaged in a major farming operation in the early fifties and found a market in the USA for registered cereal grains. Two cleaning mills were installed in a small granary on the home premises in Rosetown (formerly Rosenort), nine miles west of Gretna. As business expanded from selling his own grain and buying from neighbours and more distant farmers, Mr. Froese began an expansion in 1960, operating under the firm name of Evergreen Seed Farms Sales & Service Ltd. As the demand for registered grain declined, the mode of operation was changed to the processing of special crops - whole peas, split peas, mustard, canary seed, buckwheat, etc. A large expansion was completed and the firm name changed to Evergreen Industries Ltd. The products processed in the modern, spacious plant are marketed both in Canada and in foreign countries such as the USA, England, Italy, Japan and South America. The most recent market has been found in the Asian countries.