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1 st. to April 1 st. and again from May 1 st. to June 1 st., a total of seven months of the year. Passed by the conference of clergy held at Alt- Bergthal, Manitoba April 1, 1903.


Bishop Abraham Doerksen, Rev. Abram Bergen,

Rev. Abraham Schroeder, Rev. Peter Zacharias, Rev. Isaac Bergen,

Rev. Peter Zacharias,

Rev. Johann Klippenstein, Rev. Peter Dyck,

Rev. Isaac Friesen,

Rev. Jakob Stoesz.

Congregational Assemblies held May 22, 24, 25 and 26, 1916 at Sommerfeld, Rudner­ weide, Grosweide and Kronsweide.

Re the school question,

Wbether the congregational areas want District (Public) schools or Private schools.

* * * *

Since the Manitoba Government has decreed that the English language only, and no religion, shall be permitted in all public schools, and since we are apprehensive oflosing our German language and religion, we have come to the following conclusions:

1. Resolved: That we maintain private schools only, operated according to one uniform regulation as follows; 3 days a week instruction shall be in German and religion, and 2 days a week English instruction. For German instruction the text books shall be the Bible, Testament, Biblical History and Catechism. In the English language likewise, only Christian books that contain no falsehoods, shall be used. If a school district decides to teach German and religion only, that shall be their privilege. In case of dispute, the general rule outlined above, shall apply. Any district that decides to teach German and English on a fifty-fifty basis, shall have permission to do so.

2. Resolved: That each district shall be supervised by two or three trustees whose responsibility shall be to provide the necessary school supplies and collect dues.

To alleviate the load of the needy, it was decided to base the dues on the tax roll, that is according to property ownership.

3. Resolved: Each Congregation shall establish a fund with the interest from the Orphan Fund, to be used in paying school dues for those who are unable, or unwilling to pay. Each district shall be liable only for the members within their area.

To cover the share of dues on lands occupied by other denominations who do not pay towards our schools, the Sommerfelder, Bergthaler and Brethren congregations shall share these costs based on assessment.

A. Resolved: That delinquents who are able, but refuse to pay their share, shall be dealt with in a considerate manner. If they fail to respond, however, they shall not be considered as members of the church.

5. Resolved: To maintain the members of the school board and if necessary increase their number. They are expected to visit the schools occasionally and offer advice where needed. This board shall be subservient to the presbytery.

6. Resolved: That since a large percentage of our church members choose to support the Altona and Gretna collegiates, they shall be permitted to do so in future, according to their own convictions.

Bishop Abraham Doerksen, Rev. Peter Zacharias,

Rev. Isaak Bergen,

Rev. Peter Zacharias,

Rev. Peter Dyck,

Rev. Abraham Friesen,


Rev. Jakob Schroeder, Rev. Peter W. Dueck, Rev. David Stoesz, Rev. Wilhelm Friesen, Rev. Jakob Stoesz.