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A. Archival Sources

Mennonite Heritage Center Archives (MHCA), Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Bergthaler Mennonite Church of Manitoba Collection.

Old Colony [Reinlaender] Mennonite Church Collection 1875-1922.

Sommerfelder Mennonite Church Collection. Peter Elias, Memoirs, 2 vols., 1911 and 1913. Gretna Customs Records, 1883-1904.

Provincial Archives of Manitoba (PAM), Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Mennonite West Reserve Settlement Registers, MG8 AI8-7. Howard Winkler Papers, MG14 B44.

Valentine Winkler Papers, MG14 B45.

Deputy Municipal Commissioner Incoming Correspondence, RG23 AccG 127 A.

Rural Municipality of Rhineland Archives (RMRA), Altona, Man­ itoba.

Assessment Rolls, R.M. of Douglas 1884-1890; R.M. of Rhine­ land 1884-1953.

By-laws of the R.M. of Douglas 1884-1890; R.M. of Rhineland 1884-1983.

Minute Books R.M. of Douglas 1884-1890; R.M. ofRhine1and 1884-1975.

Municipal Correspondence, Letter Books 1887-1898; Binding Cases 1886-1939. Petitions 1894-1907; Relief Cards and Forms 1936-1938.

B. Printed Primary Sources and Government Documents Canada, Government of. Census of Canada 1871-1981.

Canada, Government of. Department of the Interior. Descrip­ tion of the Province of Manitoba. Compiled from field notes and reports of Dominion Land Surveyors and Geological Survey. Ottawa, 1883.

Canada, Government of. Sessional Papers. Annual Report of the De­ partment of Agriculture, 1875-1882.

Henderson Directory and Gazetteer, 1884-1900.

Manitoba, Government of. Department of Economic Development and Tourism. Community Reports, 1973-1980.

Department of Industry and Commerce. An Economic Survey of South Central Manitoba, 1960.