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Our motto "For Home and Country," we have endeavored to maintain for the forty-one years of our existence.

Our chief activities have been maintaining a rest room and a 1ibrary of some 500 volumes, which is open to the public.

The rest room has changed its location several times, however, in 1944, largely by subscription, we were able to build on our present location, and now with the help of the councils, we are able to main­ tain a rest room of which we are justly proud, and which is second to none in rural Manitoba.

During the thirties, when money was scarce, we sponsored a "baby clinic" at the fair-grounds on Fair Day, and for many years have sponsored Cancer Tag Day.

Down through the years, we have held many sewing and Joking classes, which have been a great benefit to the women and olrlS of our community.

The present officers of our W.I. are: Hon. Presidents, Mrs. C. C.

Musgrove and Mrs. Frank Howell; President, Mrs. A. E. Henderson; Secretary, Mrs. M. Howell, and Treasurer, Mrs. L. S. Oke.

May the good work that is being done be carried on with greater enthusiasm in the years to come.


Early in 1915 Rev. and Mrs. A. T. Macintosh conceived the idea of a "Home Economics" society for the women of Whitewater.

In the spring of that year Miss Crawford of the Agric. College came out and in the home of Mrs. McKee a "Home Economics" society was organized, later known as the "Women's Institute." The first president elected was Mrs. Tom Wilson, and the first sec. treas. was Mrs. Aylsworth.

Some of the early members were Mrs. Hill, Mrs. Jas. Robertson, Mrs. Stanfield, Mrs. Bell, Mrs. Lucas, Mrs. Carlson, Mrs. McKee, Mrs. Rutherford and Miss Walker.

Three of the original members are still living-Mrs. Bell, Mrs.

Stanfield and Mrs. Rutherford.

Through the years, the Whitewater Womens Institute has worked for the good of the home and the community, which is the ultimate aim of all "Women's Institutes."

Our present officers are: President, Mrs. R. Robertson; 1st Vice Pres., Mrs. L. Ransom; 2nd Vice Pres., Mrs. Fleming; Sec., Mrs. N.

Swanson; Treas., Mrs. S. E. Ransom, . .

While we are now a very.,8,cattered group, with only three of our members Jiving in and around Whitewater, we take a backward look at what has been accomplished and face the future with faith and courage.