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Mrs. W. H. Ashley's Music Class, 1900 - Back row: Etta Millions, Dora Springer, Pearly Strain, Etta Washington, Myrtle Millions;

Third row: Cecil Ashley, unknown, Gwen Glover Mabel Armstrong, Lor­ etta Wiliams, Gertie Fry;

Second row: Maimic Springer, Mrs. Ashley, Maud French, Erna Latimer; Front row: Eileen Tatchell, Doris Hanley.

Preparations started early, long journeys must be made, All must go, the rich, the poor, the weak;

The beginning of an era, really launching prairie trade­ The coming of the train to Cherry Creek.

Down the "Heaslip Trail" from Brandon, and the "Rowland Trail" Northeast,

And the "Morton Trail" from Lake Max, Wassewa;

By stone,boat- sleigh, or cutter pulled by horse or cattle-beast, As well as all the folks from Wakopa.

They also came from Wapaha-the "Deloraine Trail" too, Brought many in to celebrate, and say-

You'd find them on the "Burnside Trail," both young and old ones who,

Were out to fete the coming of this day.

Just a few log-shanties here and there, that early Xmas morn, Before the folks start drifting into town;

By early afternoon a little city had been born, How far and wide the news had got around.