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"Cinderella" Produced by Mrs. W. H. Ashley - Mrs. Nelson, Miss Ben­ nett, Louise Willis, M. Springer, M. Robb, N. Sault, J. Dayment, S. Hardy;

Mrs. C. E. Hutcheson Miss Fitzgerald Mrs. R. G. Willis
A. Miller B. French D. Springer

'T was getting near mid afternoon, there's tension in the air, This day will change the settlers' life a lot;

The smoke still drifts up lazily from shanties everywhere, The box-car station holds the central spot.

Some shout "we hear it coming," with their ear held to a rail, This method some proclaimed to be a joke,

But the funny thing is, Brother, and this is not a tale, About a minute later-there's the smoke.

Those anxious eyes strained Eastward, focused on that cloud of black,

In festive mood-all hearts were light and gay;

As many hands were shaken, many backs received a whack, As cheer on cheer burst forth that Xmas day.

As the iron horse came closer, whistle blowing with a flair, Before the train had really made a stop;

The hats and mitts were flying like pigeons in the air, And here and there a bottle starts to pop.