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Wm. Cumpstone, Jr.



Brother Ned

Do you remember years gone by

When days and nights were not so dry, To shoot the goose and shoot the duck, We waded through a lot of muck.

You and I.

When steps were light and hearts were gay, We got us up at break of day

And to the marsh we'd steal away,

And maybe not come back that day.

You and I.

We'd watch the wind, we'd watch the smoke Then at a goose we'd get a poke,

Then to retrieve him we would run,

We got both exercise and fun.

You and I.

We often carried out a score

And then went back to get some more, We'd have a drink and then a smoke, And how we used to laugh and jok.

You and I.

When we got back the old man swore, He'd mutilate that old ten bore

He'd stamp his feet and bang the doors, Because we'd left him all the chores.

You and 1.

The geese have gone likewise the duck, The whiskey and likewise our luck And all that's left to us-the muck But still we've got our pipes to suck.

You and I.

And still by creek and lake or slough In memory I walk with you,

And get a duck, a snipe or teal

Most folks don't know how good I feel.

You and I.