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scheme, and the Smart Bros. located the same year in the Waskada area.

In Old Deloraine, James Cavers and A. P. Stuart built a store and laid out a townsite on 30-2-22, on the banks of Turtle Head Creek. This was called Deloraine after J. Cavers' old home in Scot­ land. They had to freight their goods from Brandon, 70 miles.

After five years in this settlement, the railway made its appearance and located the present station. The old town had two implement dealers, one general store, the Land Office, the Grist Mill, two blacksmiths, two ministers, six agents of various kinds, a la w office and a schooL

After going through all the worries and inconveniences brought on by the lack of railway transportation, the railroad was finally laid north of the foothills town, and it was necessary to move the buildings to the new town location, as designated by the C.P.R. This was done in 1886 and the moving day was spread over a month.

- Deloraine Times


The Man. South Western Railway laid its steel through the Ninga District in 1885, but it was not until 1889 that the townsite was surveyed. That year Mr. C. Sesfield built a store and later a hotel which was rented by W. Coleman. The postmaster was George Robinson and first station agent was Mr. McKinley, the section foreman being C. Peterson.

Fern Hallow School No. 485, situated on NE% of Section 24, Township 3, Range 19, was moved into the new townsite in 1898 and became Ninga School No. 485. The first teacher being James Laird at the new site.

The Anglican Church was built in 1904, student in charge, Mr.

Cowley. Of the members present at the opening, only Mr. Ferdo Smith remains. Archbishop S. Mathieson of Ruperts Land dedicated the church in 1907.

The Methodist services were first held in the late John Robin­ son home 16-3-18 in 1889. Mr. Darwin, student in charge at Boisse­ vain, conducted the service, bringing Miss Elizabeth Robinson, teacher at Fairburn School to play the organ. He came from Lake­ field, Quebec. The congregation came by oxen, on stoneboats and often on foot, walking for miles.

field, Quebec. The congregation came by oven, on stoneboats and work with volunteer labor being supplied by members of the church throughout the district. In 1926 the church became the United Church.

The Baptist Church was the first built in Ninga, being erected on the present site in 1890. The first clergyman being Mr. A. B. Reckie. Two ladies of the first congregation are still living: Mrs. T.