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In editing a book of the nature of "Beckoning Hills," a seemingly endless number of people must be appealed to, or interviewed; old records must be delved into in order to gather together the information and detail necessary for an accurate report of happenings and locations of the past.

Memory is fickle, and some of the incidents contained herein were written only recently from memory by older folk. Every effort has been made by the committee to verify or cross-compare such detail wherever possible. If, however, some of our readers are of a different opinion, or con­ sider a statement to be contrary to fact we hope they will take this into consideration.

We, the undersigned, wish to thank very sin­ cerely all those who in any way helped us in this historical project. We hope that through the reading of its pages, the children of to- day and of the future will grow in appreciation of the heroic living which made this legendary corner of Manitoba a spot to cherish, and help them to carry on the tradition of their forbears with courage and pride.

Mrs. C. C. Musgrove Miss Jane Wilson Mrs. Una Gillespie

Miss Winnifred

Mr. C. Y. Mackenzie Mr. A. E. Henderson Mr. Wm. Moncur Stevenson