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The celebration of the fiftieth anniversary ot the Town of Boissevain and the seventy-fifth anniversary of the settlement of the surrounding area, comes at a time when the district is enjoying a standard of living far beyond the dreams of the pioneers.

The pages of this book, compiled from information gathered by a committee of the dis­ trict from pioneers, their families and other authentic sources, are dedicated to the memory of the men and women who left their homes in other parts of Canada or in lands beyond the seas, to make new homes in this district, and who by their courage and fortitude, and without the conveni­ ences which we now enjoy, laid the foundations of a better way of life.

May we who are entrusted with the responsi­ bility of maintaining this progress, keep faith with the pioneers and in turn pass on to those who come after us, a district as united and progressive as has been transmitted to us, and may each year be a milestone to continued progress.

R. A. Patterson, Reeve Rural Municipality of Morton

E. I. Dow, Mayor Town of Boissevain