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Pioneer Days

I am not the man I used to be And never was perhaps,

But I've ridden the western prairies And worn the western chaps.

Midst sun and rain for little gain, But years of life and fun,

I know the grip of the long stock whip, And I know the crack of a gun.

I've bedded down in the prairie wool, I've slept in a foot of snow,

Just wrapped in a blanket or buffalo robe, Old Western men will know.

I'm sitting before the fire tonight, Dreaming of long ago.

I see the prairie's endless sweep, I hear the hiss of the snow.

But still I love those good old days When the blood was hot in my veins

I gave not a damn for the drifting snow, And less for the driving rains.

When twenty miles was nothing much, Not even a two hour ride.

With a willing bronk between your legs And an old pal by your side.

wm, Cumpstone Jr.

Unable to attain any schooling during his younger days, Wm. Cumpton was self educated and wrote many poems on pioneer life.