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J as. J ohnson-C 516
Thos. N icol-L 366

The figures in the contests in which Mr. Johnson was returned at later elections were as follows:

1899 Jas. Johnson-C 753
J as. Reekie-L 562
1903 Jas. Johnson-C 741
J. S. McEwen-L A775
J. F. Hunter-Ind. 142
1907 J as. J ohnson-C 649
John Morrow-L 462
1910 Jas. Johnson-C 742
W. Hanley-L 580
1914 J as. J ohnson-C 707
Geo. W. McDonald-L 645

In the election of 1915, after the Roblin Government resigned, Mr. Johnson was again a candidate opposed by the late G. W. Me­ Donald. The result was: :

Geo. W. McDonald-L 687
Jas. Johnson-C 651

The late Mr. R. G. Willis, after having served for many years as Reeve of the Municipality of Morton, entered the contest for the provincial constituency against Mr. McDonald in 1920. The result Donald. The result was:

G. W. McDonald-L 1022
R. G. Willis-C 1006

In the General Election in 1922, Mr. Willis defeated Mr. F. W.

Ransom 1059 to 953, and in 1927, defeated Mr. D. Henderson 1167 to 951.

On the death of Mr. Willis in 1929, Mr. A. R. Welch entered the Legislature by defeating Mr. Earl Campbell, his Liberal opponent, 1327 to 995.

In the elections of 1932 and 1936, Mr. Welch was opposed by Dr. F. B. Bird, and the results were as follows:

1932 A. R. Welch-C 1322
F. V. Bird-L 1273
1936 A. R. Welch-C 1526
F. V. Bird-L 1008

Mr. Welch was returned unopposed in 1941, and on his retire­ ment the present member, Mr. E. F. Willis was elected by acclama­ tion in 1945 as a supporter of the Coalition Government and again in 1949. Mr. Willis was opposed in 1953 by Mr. W. J. M. Gorrie and Mr. Clarence Ferguson and the poll was as follows:

E. F. Willis-C 1777
W. J. M. Gorrie-L 883
C. Ferguson-Soc. Cr. 507