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Wapaha School District was organized in 1891, however school was held the first summer in Mrs. McGuire's log house, a few hundred yards from the present, and original site of the N. W. corner of 16-4-21.

The first teacher at Wapaha school was Mr. M. B. Jackson, and the first pupils were - Bertha and Garton Hymers; Peter, Rosy, Alexandrine, Euphemia and Louis Demasson; Minnie and Chas. Hudson; Libby, Mabel and Minnie McGuire; and Alma, Bertha Andy Oneil.

The first secretary-treasurer of the school was Mr. Tom. Dou­ gall, who held the position for thirty-three years, and the first chairman of the board was Mr. Wm. Rheder.

The first Wapaha school was destroyed by fire in the winter of 1907-8, the early records being burned at that time. School was then held for one day in the Thomas house on the N. E. 21-4-21, when it was also destroyed by fire. The board then moved a house to the present site where classes were held until the present school was constructed by Jack McGraw in 1909.

In 1893 Mrs. C. C. Musgrove (then Nellie Irvin) taught Wapaha school. Mrs. Musgrove still resides at her home south of Boissevain.


One has only to read the minutes of the organization meeting and of the board meetings which follow, to note the enthusiasm with which the pioneers set about to build this school and com­ munity centre.

Known as the Protestant School District of Royal No. 417, and located in the municipality of Whitewater, it comprised sixteen sections in the form of a square, namely 1 to 4, 9 to 16, and 21 to 24, in township 4, range 20.

Meetings were held in the year 1886 to plan for a school. On the 13th day of July 1887 the following were elected at a meeting held in the home of one of the homesteaders.

Welch and Elliotts' Telephone Construction Camp, Morton Municipality ­ Photo courtesy Geo. King, Sr.