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Trustees- G. C. Wright, James Burns, Duncan Henderson. Auditors - Mr. P. Sall, Frank Howell.

Chairman of meeting - G. C. Wright.

Secretary of meeting - Frank Howell.

The trustees were instructed to borrow the sum of five hundred and fifty dollars by an issue of debentures for the purpose of erect­ ing and furnishing a school.

The building was erected on the south-east corner of 15-4-20 which is located in the centre of the district. Work was commenced on the erection of the school in August of '87 and was completed in time for school to open Nov. 28th of the same year. Wm. Lambert who farmed the north-east quarter of 21-3-20, Nimitaw District, was the builder and Samuel Hall who homesteaded the south-east quarter of 20-4-19 in the Browka District was the mason and plasterer.

The enthusiasm of both young and old must have mounted as the building neared completion. It was without a doubt a new experience for most of the children, and for the grown ups it would mean a centre of community life.

In the years that followed the Anglicans in the district used the school for church services as well as did some other denomin­ ations, while during the winter months many enjoyable social evenings were held.

Prior to the opening of the school it was named "Royal" by Mary Burns, daughter of James Burns, in honor of Great Britain's Queen Victoria. Judson D. Cook was in charge of school when classes commenced and the following are the names of the students who answered the first roll call - Bella Armstrong, Hattie Wright, Georgina Wright, John Nebin, Mary A. Burns, Jennie Thompson, Harry Thompson, Ralph W. Thompson, Grace H. Thompson, David Campbell, Maggie Campbell and Edith Wilson.

In 1887, each half section was assessed at $960.00, each quarter at $400.00 except the John Russell quarter which was $480.00. We also find that E. Hammond was secretary-treasurer of the White­ water Municipality at this time.

In the year 1911 the school was moved to the present site, located in the south-west corner of 14-4-20, which was donated by Frank Howell.

In the years that have passed since Royal opened we find there were two era's in which due to financial difficulties the rate­ payers found it difficult to keep the school open. Between 1889 and 1894 several homesteaders had given up due to frost and the total loss by hail in August 1890 which had promised to be a wonder­ ful crop. This threw an extra tax load on the ones remaining making it more difficult to finance.