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The first meeting to organize Bluevale School District was held August 5, 1901.

The name Bluevale was chosen because the majority of the ratepayers came from Bluevale, Ontario. Among these being the Peacocks, Hills, McKinneys and J ohnsons.

A site was chosen on the southeast quarter of 8-3-20, and the school built and furnished for $650.00. This sum having been borrowed for that purpose.

The construction of this school filled a long felt need in the neighborhood as many children had to drive some distance to Richview, Wasewa or Strathallen.

The first rustees were D. A. Taylor, John Peacock, and Kuben Hill, the secretary being Robt. Johnson.

The first pupils to attend Bluevale were - Elmer and Wilson Peacock; Alan, Hattie and Harold Johnson; Gertie Johnson; Wilfred and Jessie Cantelon; Cliff, Harry and Edna McKinney; Bruce, Gerald, Pearl, and Charlotte Burney; Margaret Taylor. The teacher was Miss E. J. Gillespie.

The average enrollment for the first year was twenty-three but by 1904 had jumped to thirty-seven.

In 1948 the school was removed to the southwest quarter, 8-3-20.

One of the first pupils, in the person of Elmer Peacock, is now one of the trustees. Other trustees are J. J. Heide, and H. A. Neufeld. Galon Martin is secretary.

"All Saints Church" was also located in Bluevale district on the southwest 6-3-20, the land being donated by Mrs. Sankey. A number of residents of the district had relatives residing in England, who recognizing the need of a church, donated the funds to erect same. Mr. Blackenbar bought the organ and was also the organist.

The first wedding to be held in this church was that of Mr. and Mrs. Wilson, the last was Mr. and Mrs. Alpine Taylor on December 9, 1915.

The church fell into disuse and after standing idle a number of years was sold in 1930, and moved to Horton where it serves as a farm home.


Mountainside School opened in the summer of 1884 with Miss Cline as teacher at a salary of $30.00 per month. As there was no school building erected at the time, classes were held in a log house of a Mr. Andrew Wightman, who had left the district. The first trustees were A. Naylor, secretary treasurer; J. Wightman and R. W. Dawson. The first pupils to attend Mountainside were