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Hammond, Adam Armstrong, H. Maxwell, Hiram and Chas. Ruttle, F. A. Walker, Jas. A. McCormick, Joe Latimer, Geo. Scott and R. McCurdy.

Attendance having increased considerably ten new seats were ordered from Mr. Lambert in 1893.

In 1898 and 1899 several special meetings were called with a view to building a new school, however, nothing in this regard was done until 1902 when tenders were called for the erection of a new school 22 by 30 feet and a stable 22 by 36 feet. A. King was awarded the contract with a tender of $698.00. Miss Edith Young of Manitou was the first teacher in the new school.

Several residents of the district served on the board for rather lengthy terms, but the longest was J. W. Kyle who was secretary treasurer from 1924 to 1948.

This school is still in use, and though closed for a few years due to low enrollment, was re-opened in 1953.


The first meeting of the ratepayers of Fairburn School District was held at the home of RoM. Wells at one o'clock in the afternoon of March 20, 1888.

From this meeting came the first board of trustees which con­ sisted of Samuel Oke, Jas. J. Musgrove and John Johnstone.

William Robertson granted an acre of land on the northwest corner of 32-2-19, and tenders were called for the erection of a school house 16 feet by 28 feet. Later at a trustee meeting held April 6, 1888, the tenders were opened and the contract awarded to A. E. Lambert in the sum of $398.00.

Fairburn school opened for classes on June 1 of the same year with an enrollment of sixteen pupils, and Mr. W. F. Musgrove as teacher at a salary of $40.00 per month.

In 1902 it was found necessary to enlarge the school to 28 by 32 feet and place a stone foundation under it upon which it still stands.

As the school had been slightly damaged by lightning on two occasions, rods were installed in 1905, and a new stable built in 1907.

In 1811 another half acre of land was added to the grounds, the same being procured from John McCausland, providing a much better playground. After these, a few changes were made until 1943 when a re-arrangement of blackboards and windows took place along with the addition of some extra windows to provide better lighting. Then in 1948 electric lights were installed in the school.

The present board of trustees are Harry McCausland, J as.

Patterson and Wilbert Armstrong with Jas. Harper as secretary. The present teacher is Mrs. Elizabeth K. Armstrong.