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Brondgeest - John, Percy, Stella, Violet and Cassy; Hazelwood - Robert, John, Alonzo, Edith and Stella; Hanson - Edith, James, Fred; White - Thomas and Brent; Naylor - Irene, Mable and Morton; Kellan - Clara, Florence, Jane, Carry and Bertha; Wight­ man - Bessie, Dawson, Norman; French - Laura.

Some of the early items of expense are interesting such as­ operating expenses for 1884, $295.54, digging well $3.00, seven school desks $17.00, cleaning school $1.00, plastering and whitewashing school $12.00.

In 1888 it was felt that a new school was needed, so debentures were sold to the sum of $600.00, the contract awarded to C. Oliver and a new school erected on northeast 36-2-22.

Ten years later two acres of land were donated to the Mountain­ side school district by Mr. John Fleming and the school moved to a new location on northeast 24-2-22. Trustees were J. W. Eaton, Jas. Dougall and R. W. Dawson, with Jas. Fleming as secretary treasurer. Another expense item of note here is 22 cords of wood supplied by J. Bell for $19.80. By 1908 the price of wood was $4.00 per cord, resulting in a motion by the trustees that the school children saw the wood.

In 1919 the district became interested in consolidation, which became a reality in 1920. By 1924 it required three vans to trans­ port the pupils. A continued rise in attendance necessitated a larger school, consequently a vote was taken and by-law passed in July 1927. The contract for the erection of the new school was awarded to W. Tabberner for $1765.00.

School opened in August 1928, in the old school with Miss Mor­ tinsen (later Mrs. C. Hill) in charge of the senior room, and Miss Ashworth (later Mrs. S. E. Ransom) in charge of the junior room. By November the new school was finished and was officially opened.

In 1954 it was found necessary to add a third room to the school to accommodate the increased attendance. For a number of years now it has required four vans to handle the transportation.

Costs of administration have risen too, from $295.54 in 1884 to $14000.00 in 1955.

A word of thanks is due here to Mr. Norman Dawson of Van­ couver, one of the first pupils of Mountainside, for much of the valuable information relating to the school and district.

A. Cameron plowing, 1918 - Photo courtesy J. Cameron