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With the coming of the first settlers to the district, social needs arose-the administration of law, public works, education and the ministrations of religion-and as elsewhere in the West, the work of the Church preceded the maintenance of law and order and the education of the children. Immediately upon their settlement the newcomers made provisions for assembling themselves together for the Worship of God, and the Home Mission authorities of the various denominations represented-Anglicans, Baptists, Methodists, Presbyterians and Roman Catholics-gave what help they could in the establishment of places of worship. In all cases advantage had to be taken of the presence of lay readers and lay preachers amung the settlers and the earliest services were conducted by laymen in the homes which were then being established.

Among the pioneer settlers were many young Englishmen, fired, by a spirit of adventure and a desire to experience life in a n~~;;:r land !hey' bro~ght with .them the religio~~ tra~itions of their homeland and a desire to maintain these traditions in the land of

St. Mathew's, Boissevain - Courtesy Dr.F. V. Bird, Boissevain