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chants, Empire and Rossin, and it was the only place in Canada where main lines of three transcontinental systems - Grand Trunk Pacific, Canadian Pacific and Canadian Northern Railways inter­ sected. The Midland branch of the Great Northern also had a line out.

Testifying to the city's economic development were flour mills, oatmeal mills, brickyards, cement block works, a sash and door factory, pump factory, harness factory, Portage Soda Water Works, Washing Soda Works, candy factories, two breweries, fur, clothing and many other industries. (It is regrettable that, at this time, infor­ mation is not available about all the above mentioned.)

The first mayor of the city of Portage la Prairie was Edward Brown. The first aldermen were: Wm. Armstrong, James Fairbairn, John J. Garland, Thomas Hall, E. A. McPherson and A. Ogletree. The secretary-treasurer was F. W. Clayton.

By 1908 the flour mills were producing 500,000 barrels of flour annually, oatmeal mills were turning out 50,000 barrels annually, and the brickyards were manufacturing an estimated 25 million bricks a year.

The Central Electric Company, in 1908, installed a new gen­ erator in its plant. The city took over the plant in 1911 and operated it until the early 19205 when it was sold to the province, becoming the first unit of the Manitoba Power Commission.

Mr. C. E. Cole started in the jewelry business, on Saska tchewan Ave. in 1911, and successfully op­ erated it until he sold it to Mr. Jack Cook in 1951.

Mr. Cole deserves special recog­ nition for his contributions in time and effort during his business years. A few of them are as fol­ lows:

He was chairman of the school board for 24 years; timer at the races for 42 years; established Col­ legiate sports and was 'sports tim­ er' there for 42 years; and an


active member of the Masonic

Lodge for most of his life.

We are fortunate in still having him with us. Mr. and Mrs. C. E.

c. E. Co'e Cole are enjoying their retirement

years in their home at 114-5th S1. S.E. in Portage la Prairie.