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There were two chapters of the LO.D.E. in Portage in 1918, the General Sam Steele Chapter and the Prairie Gateway Chapter. As a Major, S. B. Steele was second in Command of the N.W.M. Police with the Second Canadian Contingent in the South African War.

S. B. Steele

The picture of him which is shown here, was taken at that time. It was about 1918 that it was proposed to establish a provincial police force patterned after the Royal N.W. Mounted Police with headquarters in Winnipeg and detachment stations at strategic points in rural Manitoba. The proposal followed the withdrawal of the N.W.M.P. and the establishment of a uniformed force similar to that proposed for Manitoba in Saskatchewan.

s Maybe many still living will remember the Empress Theatre and the crowds that flocked to see Mary Pickford who was the darling of the silent movies. Maybe many remember F. 1. Willis who was the manager of the Portage Carnival Company at that time too. As well as putting on carnival shows at Island Park, the Company went on tours and provided entertainment in neighboring towns.

Federal aid grants for highways and education were withdrawn in 1918 due to the burden of war debt and other outlays unforeseen at the time of confederation. However, general subsidies were in­ creased.