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Mr. James D. McRae, who had been choirmaster and organist in the church for 18 years by that time, directed the choir as they sang HI to the Hills Will Lift Mine Eyes"; "God is a Spirit"; and "My Faith Looks Up to Thee".

Benediction and the National Anthem brought the half-hour service to a close.

"You will thank the choir for me, won't you?" the Queen asked Rev. Abernethy after the service. He assured Her Majesty that he would.

Among the members of the choir was Mrs. C. H. Diehl, who, as one of three singers chosen from Manitoba, sang in Westminster Abbey in London, England, during the coronation of the King and Queen. This fact was revealed to Her Majesty by Rev. Abernethy, and the Queen appeared extremely pleased.

Other members of the choir included Mrs. W. H. R. Savage, Miss Esther Galbraith, Ruth Burke, Ruth MacDonald, Rogene Mor­ row, Miss C. B. Cameron, Mrs. Telf Miller, Mrs. W. Logan, Mrs. Charles Greenlay, Marguerite Jones, Mrs. 1. Drewitt, Mrs. H. Pillar, Mrs. E. Cooke, Miss K. Campbell, Mrs. H. Fasken, Evelyn Loyns, Marjorie Bowman, Mrs. J. Jones, Mrs. R. E. Poldon, Miss May Loyns, Mrs. C. D. Lee, Mrs. Roland Darin, Mrs. Reginald Grobb, Edith Dewar, Eileen Gair, Miss C. Wallace, Mary Ann Loyns, Doreen Jones, Miss E. Tasken, D. E. Burke, William Burke, Reginald Grobb, H. Kirkland, Dr. C. C. Simpson, Thomas Boyce, H. G. Prior, Robert Inglis, Earl Meek, Raymond Batt, Robert Wishart, Henry Pillar, William Bradley. Stan Porteous, Ralph Rea and Vernon Dunfield.

(To avoid repetition, the above talented Portage singers have been omitted from the "Music and Arts" section of this book.)

Among the crowd that jammed the street outside were a number of Indians fully arrayed in native dress.

When Their Majesties were about to board the royal train, Capt.

Allan Hall, late of the Black Watch, was presented to Her Majesty by the Earl of Airlie, chamberlaine to Her Majesty and lieutenant of Angus Camby, Scotland. The Free Press said of this, "In a delight­ fully informal manner, the Queen chatted for several minutes with Captain Hall and referred to his military career in the Black Watch". Capt. Hall served with distinction in the ranks and was associated with Her Majesty's two brothers and a cousin.

(Allan G. Hall, who was treasurer of the Portage Mutual Insur­ ance Co. in 1939 was a son of Capt. Hall.)