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By this time, Green Manufacturing Company, that had located in Portage around 1936, was employing a staff of 50 people and doing a successful business in men's garments, on Broadway St. N. The manager was Mr. Sam Green. (Delta Apparel purchased the factory in 1944, employing 150 people, and locating on the northeast corner of Gaddy St. and Pacific Ave. The manager was Mr. Wm. Glesby. Delta Apparel was destroyed by fire in 1954.)


If people had had television in their homes in 1939, they might have been better prepared for what was to come. Certainly, the newspapers showed pictures of Hitler's Wehrmacht goose-stepping into Austria and Czechoslovakia, and later told of the merciless shell­ ing of defenceless Madrid. And radios did their part in trying to keep the public informed. But, seeing the cruel glint in Hitler's eyes as he screamed out speeches to fanatical followers shouting, "Hell Hitler", would have impressed people with the fact that nothing short of war would stop this man.

How sad it is that rio-one except Hitler and his chiefs knew of the demoniacal plan to exterminate the Jews! Many, or all of them, might have been able to leave the country before it was too late. They stayed, not knowing the acts of extreme heinousness to which they would be su bj ected. Hi tler seemed to have had no criteria in his extermination plan; the educated and uneducated, the rich and poor or the ill and healthy were on his list. It's an amazing fact that such a mad-man was able to fool the German people, most of them fine, kind people. Keeping his intentions and actions a secret can be the only answer.

After Madrid, and filled with a feeling of power, Poland was next on his program of death and destruction. He had gotten away with an awful lot up to this point and it must have come as a bit of a surprise when on September 3, 1939, Great Britain and France declared war on Germany. On that date Vi/orld War II began.

There was no more talk of unemployment.

Mr. Chas. Greenlay, M.L.A., said that the percentage of enlist­ men ts from Portage la Prairie ranked among the highest for the Province.

Located in the city and immediate vicinity were No.3 Bombing and Gunnery School, No.7 Air Observer School and the 100th Train­ ing Centre which later became No.3 Conditioning Centre.