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Churches, Schools, Health


When the principles of Christianity are strong in a community there is no need to fear its future. Since the days of Archdeacon Cochrane and the first white settlement to the present time, the performance of devotional acts in honor of the Supreme Being, in the form of prayer, thanksgiving, confession and church services, have been an accepted and apprecia ted part of life in Portage la Prairie. There are edifices, consecrated and dedicated to religious worship, for every faith in our harmonious community.

It is regrettable that a history of all Portage churches is not included in this book. Probably due to procrastination or missing a publicized request in our Daily Graphic, information was not sub­ mitted for all of them. We hope that the few we are able to include in this narrative will be of interest to all.

St. Mary's la Prairie Church.

As we have mentioned previously, Archdeacon Cochrane was the force behind the first St. Mary's la Prairie church here.

The Anglican Church, shown in this picture, still bears the name chosen by him. It is located on Second Street S.W. At the present time, Rev. P. V. Lee, B.A., L.Th., is the Rector.