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Church founders were Theodor Zaroski, Dmytro Olynyk, Nicholas Greskiw, Makary Melnyk, Harry Piloski, Steve Sadoway, Alex Shtyka- 10, Michael Firman and Theodor Samels."

The text doesn't say whether the above mentioned edifice was torn down or burned down, but mentions that "Under the direction of architect Father Philip Rhu, an Oblate Father, the present Church was built, 1927-1930." The Church Building Committee, headed by D. Priemski, included G. Michalczyshyn, M. Hewko and M. Horbal. On July 20, 1930, Consecration of the new church was carried out by Bishop Vasili Ladyka.

Living quarters were built in the rear part of the Church, and a Chapel for winter use in the basement, 1941-1945. The Parish priest at that time was Father W. Dzurman, and on the Church committee were John Pollock and Mr. J. Chornenko.

In 1936, Sisters of Service opened St. Anthony Monastery at 1st St. and 7th Ave. They took charge of Ukrainian language classes, catechism and various religious and cultural activities con­ nected with the Church. Sister St. [osapha was in charge, and was assisted by Sisters Tetiana, Irene and Martha. In 1941, they leased their property and moved to Winnipeg. (This property, 9 lots, was purchased by the Parish, in 1961, for $9,000.00). A Ukrainian Language School is now carried on weekly in La Verendrye school under the direction of Mary Kohut.

To the present time, the parish has had three cantors: Mr.

Krushelewsky, George Michalczyshyn and Marko Kish, (who is

choir leader also) and two you n g men, Fr. Walter Fir man and Fr.

John Sholdak have entered the priest­ hood.

Organizations of the Parish are: Uk­ r a i n ian Catholic Women's League, Ukrainian Ca tholic Brotherhood and Ukrainian Ca tholie

Shown is the beautiful Ukrainian Greek Catholic Youth.

Church, the location of which is 620-1st St. N.W.