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serve this area of our City whose school population has increased very rapidly in the last ten years, additions to the Fort Ia Reine School have expanded this school from six classrooms in 1956 to twenty classrooms in 1967.

In 1920-21, four rooms were added to the original Portage Collegiate by Con t r a c­ tor Ritchie. Previ­ ous to tha t time, the Junior high grades of Seven and E i g h t were housed in the Cen tral and Vic­ toria Schools. On the completion of

The old west Ward School. the extra rooms,

those grades were moved to the Collegiate, only to be returned to the elementary schools again when the Collegiate became overcrowded.

For a two year period, from 1921 to 1923, Home Economics and Manual Training departments were in operation in the Collegiate. Although discontinued for many years, these courses were restored to the curriculum in 1941.

For twenty-seven years, the popular First Year Arts University Course was given to the Collegiate students who preferred this course to the regular Grade XII.

On May 26, 1954, fire of unknown origin, completely destroyed the Collegiate building and its contents. However, by May, 1956, students and teachers were occupying a fine new school erected on the old site. In 1958, and again in 1960, a total of twelve classrooms and a large well-equipped auditorium-gymnasium were added to the new Collegiate building.

In the meantime, a very important change in school administra­ tion had taken place. In 1955, eighteen surrounding rural school districts united with Portage la Prairie to form the Portage la Prairie Secondary School Area No.1, completely separated from Portage la Prairie School District No. 10, and whose trustee board was responsi­ ble for providing the best possible secondary education for the young people of the designated area. In April, 1958, this secondary school