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area became part of a much larger region to be known as Portage Ia Prairie School Division No. 24.

In 1965, because of the increased high school population and to provide better for the many changes being made in the curriculum, a fine new Arthur Meighen High School was opened to serve the eastern part of our City and the surrounding rural area.

In 1967, residents of the area voted to establish a new school division that gives one board the supervision of all schools from kindergarten up to the highest levels of the secondary schools.

Many of Portage Ia Prairie's finest citizens devoted their best years to the School Board in the interests of better education. Out­ standing among these is Charles E. Cole, who served for twenty-four years on the Board, twenty-two years of which were as Chairman. Also, the late Mrs. W. E. Metcalfe, who gave twenty-two years, and Norman K. Weber, who served twenty years, are certainly worthy of praise for their faithful and untiring efforts.

Teachers who are still actively engaged in our schools and have served with distinction and dedication and the students of this com­ munity for more than three decades, and, in some cases, for four decades, are Edith MacDonald, Ellen Cook, Etta Crewson, Agnes Souter, Violet Graham, Winifred Morton, Kalista Robb, William Taylor, and Ferris Metcalfe.

The picture of this High School, built in 1904, will bring back memories for many Portagers.

High School (Portage)