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the same time. Picture of these two gentlemen are shown in the 'nurses and doctors' group which follows later. Dr. Frank Lundy Jr. followed in his father's professional footsteps in Portage.

To bring the list of Portage General Hospital doctors up to date several more names can be added: Dr. G. E. Bayfield, Dr. S. B. Cowan, Dr. (?) Milroy. Dr. F. S. Keele, Dr. W. E. Metcalfe, Dr. R. B. McQuay, Dr. R. W. McQuay, Dr. W. H. Clark, Dr. R. H. Robertson, Dr. (?) McKinnon, Dr. W. H. Rennie, Dr. C. C. Simpson, Dr. George Hassard, Dr. H. A. Gordon, Dr. H. J. Hassard, Dr. G. P. Armstrong, Dr. J. C. Rennie, Dr. G. H. Hamlin, Dr. J. W. Kettlewell, Dr. G. C. Fairfield, Dr. C. M. Thomas, Dr. David Sharpe, Dr. Edwin Ford, Dr. Donald Rae, Dr. Kenneth Collier, Dr. George Black and Dr. Istvan Varga. "(?)" is used where initials are unknown.


Portage General Hospital in 1899.

In the Autumn of 1956, sixty-one years after the first hospital committee held its inaugural meeting, the people of Portage la Prairie and district officially opened a modern hospital building.

The original building, used until the new one was opened, was built in 1879-1880 for use as a Court House. For a time it was used as a hostel for immigrants.

In the late 18805 a man was taken from the train too ill from an infectious disease to travel further. There was no place to care for the patient. The women of the town asked the rural council for the use of the Court House which happened to be empty at the time. They collected food, furniture and bedding and set up a hospital there.