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This ambulance is equipped with a two-way radio, oxygen and resuscitator, and gives 24 hour emergency service.


t'.1rs. Harold Wilkinson, as a member of the Nurses Alumnae, conn ~ .ted much interesting information regarding it. She said, (Ql

52 due to the lack of trained personnel (a direct result of Wori., '. ar Two) the training school was forced to close. With the hope of re-establishing a school of nursing it was decided to form an Alumnae.

Over the years, 239 graduates were located and the first reunion was held in conjunction with the opening of the new hospital. Mrs. A. L. Lyon presided.

With the new hospital, the old order changed. No longer do nurses rush to boil fomentations or rubber tubing as in the "good old days".

It never failed, whenever a nurse left to do some small chore she was detained by another patient. She would return, not quite running for running was a sin, to find the service room full of smoke and the pungent odor of burning wool or rubber, and the Matron right on her heels! How the Matron always arrived at that precise moment is a mystery to all except past Matrons!

Other changes evident are the absence of the smell of anaesthetics, Oil of Wintergreen and Lysol that used to permeate the spacious