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Flower beds and paved driveways add to the exterior appearance of the pres en t hospital, and our pres en t good doctors and nurses con­ tinue to give confidence to patients.


An indispensable service through the years has been the one provided by the ambulances. The first vehicles were horse-drawn of course and what a bumpy ride patients must have had with no rubber on the wheels to lessen the jolts!

The one shown here was donated to the Portage la Prairie General Hospital by the Prairie Gateway Chapter of the LO.D.E. Good fast pacing horses were a necessity, as was a capable teamster. It is regrettable that we do not have the names of the men shown in this picture.

With the passing of time, and as motorized vehicles became available, patients benefited by speedier and more comfortable trans­ portation.

The present ambulance service (1968) is capably operated by partners, Malcolm J. Stanley and Ronald K. Moffit. The name of the ambulance "Malron" was decided upon by combining the first three letters of each of their first names.