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In 1960, a travelling cart was sponsored by the ladies and they hope to continue this as long as it is needed. In this, they are helped by other ladies' organizations.

While doctors and staff are being thanked by patients in news­ paper columns, the Hospital Ladies' Aid are working quietly and kindly in the background, wanting nothing more than the nice taste they have in their hearts because of their efforts.


In ] 954, there was a conscious effort pu t forth, to have ladies of the northern section of the city participate in some way with the local hospital's charitable and volunteer work.

Mrs. Myrtle Barbour, supervisor at the Portage General Hospital, along with Mrs. Sadye Hill, Pres. and Mrs. Louise Wilson, Sec. of the Ladies' Aid, were instrumental in holding a meeting at the Church of Assumption Parish Hall on May 5, 1955.

The first executive elected were: Mrs. Fern White, Pres., Mrs.

Pearl Stcbelcski, Vicc-Pres., Mrs. Jessie Atchison, Sec., and Mrs. Irene Ross, Treasurer.

Other ladies at this organizational meeting were: Mrs. Ada Ell­ wood, Mrs. Anna Michaels, Mrs. Anna Strutt, Mrs. Ellen Webb and Helen Zurkan.

The name "North Side Ladies' Hospital Guild" W,lS decided upon by this group.

Since their inception they have contributed much to the hospital: 3 wheel chairs, 6 folding chairs, 4 inhalators, 1 chrome crib, 6 f'olding chairs, <l bu ttcr slicer, a rota to peeler, I doz. stainless steel kidney bowls, 32 nighties and a cheque of $385.00 for special oper­ nting equipment. The foregoing only lists their most important con­ tributions, there arc many smaller ones.

Working for the benefit of mankind, this group has performed several services, canvassing for C.N .I.B., the Heart Fund, Cancer Society and Red Shield nrc some of them.

Names of officers su bmi tted for this history in 1967 were: Mrs.

A. Strutt, Prcs., Mrs. M. Karmuzyn, Vicc-pres., Mrs. E. Nick, R. Sec., Mrs. A. Ellwood, Corr. Sec., Mrs. M. Connelly, Treas., Mrs. J. Nagribianko, Pub. and Mrs. W. Billingham, Sunshine.