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each institutional group were chosen. Those from Portage were: Mr. Garth Cook - 2nd Vice President and Miss Rose Skirupski ­ Treasurer.

In October of the same year another Council meeting was held.

Here were established classes of membership fees, etc. This was very important as it allowed for proceeding with the vital first step of organization of the general membership, Registration and Licensing.

In January of 196 I the first draft of Bylaws was discussed by the Council, also the form of license. Two months later the final draft of Bylaws was approved by Council and sent to the Lieut. Governor for approval. In June the Bylaws were officially sanctioned and Council proceeded to have these published in booklet form (the Blue Book) for members. In Novemebr one thousand copies were received from the printers and distributed to all registered members at tha t time.

Also, in November the first annual meeting of the Portage District was held at the Rec. Hall of the Manitoba School. This was it well attended and enthusiastic meeting. Considerable local progress was reported. Portage had the best record of registration amongst the three districts with only a handful of potential members not in.

It should be noted at this time that in the fall of 1960 representa­ tives of The Association were appoin ted to the Educa tion Advisory Committee under the terms of the training Act. The representative here was Mrs. Elinor Samels.

On February 28th, 1962 another milestone was passed. The first annual meeting of the Provincial Association was held in Portage. Since then regular Annual Meetings have been held each year in a different district, in order to allow as full a participation by the general memhership as possible. This meeting was well attended and saw a delegation from nurses working in General Hospitals in Win­ nipeg, asking that a separate district he set up for them. The Council subsequently approved the idea and later that year the Metro District came in to being. Though small, this p;roup has been very active and useful. Not only docs it do H great deal of work but brings it non institutional outlook to discussions and deliber­ ations.

At the District Annual Meeting in 1961 Mr. Jack Devaney was elected President and held the position for one year. In November of 1962 he was succeeded by Mr. John Kellie who recently had come