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from England. Mr. Kcllie held this position until January of 1967. Also he served for several years on the Provincial Council. and in 1966 was elected President of the National Association.

The year 1963 was one of ever increasing activity and saw several significant even ts take place. In 1961 a competition had been held to secure an emblem for the organization. The winning entry came by <l combined effort of a patient and staff member from the Selkirk Mental Hospital. Basically, it depicted an open door symbolic of the ever increasing number of open wards in our institutions. In June of 1963, <l committee was set up to consider pins and buttons for members. Three designs incorporating the emblem were submitted to the annual meeting of 1964 and one \V;lS chosen, which subsequent­ ly turned into H rather attractive lapel pin which was issued to the Original members at nominal cost. In 1965, the cost was taken out of registration dues for new members of that date.

A very importa n t milestone occurred in the fa 11 of 1963, the writing of the first Provincial Certificate exam. This was the climax of the new training program set up under the Training Act of 1960. This was a comprehensive exam over two days, divided into four parts. The writing of this exam not only enhanced the status of graduates hut paved the way for the introduction of a new classifica­ tion in the Government Service. Previously the graduates had been classified as Attendants and Institutional Nurses, hut in early 1964 thc new classification was implemented combining both these groups

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into one nown Sl!11P y as rurse.

In October of 1964, an accompanying pay scale was implemented marc in keeping with the professional nature of the work.

The fall of 1963 also saw a change at the local level. Up to this time, graduation banquets had been put on separately by the men and women. Now the district took over this function and the first com bincd banquet was held in the Elks Hall with the Han. Gurney Evans, then Minister of Industry and Commerce as guest speaker. Also, this was the first banquet to which graduates were allowed to hring guests. Since then this has become an annual event with ever increasing success.

In 1964, a local Psychiatric Nurses' Award 'was established, one for a man and one for a woman. This is given to a graduate of the previous year who has shown aptitude and diligence in actual practice, as well as having been a good student.

On January 27th the sixth annual meeting of the Portage District was held with the following officers and Councillors elected: