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Manly, Charles Eadie, John A. Gonty, Dr. Joseph Hurley, Dr. Thomas Sicotte, Jules

Snell, Dr. E.

Hall, Dr. Dorothy Ba ttershilI, Dr. J. Elias, John C. Wood, Dr. Wm. J. Elias, John C.

lsi n, Dr. Cyri I Cheng, Dr. Huo


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The areas covered at the commencement of the Portage Health 'Unit consisted of the City of Portage la Prairie, Rural Municipality of Portage Itt Prairie and the RuraJ Municipality of North Norfolk. However, over the past years there has been a great expansion. The Portage Health Unit now covers the three above mentioned areas as well as the Village of MacGregor, the Rural Municipality of Grey, Village of St. Claude, Town of Carberry, Rural Munici­ paHty of North Cypress, Rural Municipality of Cartier and the Rural Municipality of St. Francois Xavier.

The Portage Health Unit is locu ted at 170 Saskatchewan Avenue West, the building constructed in 1950.


Born out of need, and the concern of private individuals for the welfare of neglected children, the CHILDREN'S AID SOCIETY OF CENTRAL MANITOBA was formed May 3 Ist, 1934. The first directorate consisted of J. H. Metcalfe, as president, Henry Pillar, Allan McCallister, J. C. Miller, R. C. Brown, A. B. Fallis, Rev. H. Atkinson, Mrs. H. Stephens, Mrs. A. B. H. Baker, Mrs. T. H. Me­ Carthy, Mrs. J. Gosman, Mrs. H. Pillar, Mrs. H. Dickson, Mrs. J. Goodale, Portage la Prairie; R. H. Fusee, Mrs. Baroni, Mrs. Gee­ Curtis, Necpawa; Mrs. VV. Morton, Mrs. Duncan Broadfoot, Hugh Connolly, Gladstone; J. L. Cowle, R. A. Garland, Carberry; Mrs. A. McKinnon, Mrs. George Hay, MacGregor; Duncan Campbell, Aus­ tin; Reeve Wilfred Metcalfe, Mrs. George Blight, Oakville and Mrs. Robert McDermott, Edwin. Monthly Board meetings were held, plus an annual meeting reviewing the year's 'work.