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torture of extraction in preference to the pain of ,I toothache. Travel­ ling dentists were common, and because of thc competition many of them had a sideline. One such 111<111 W;lS Dr. True.

Dr. True managed to collect quite a crowd every evening for two weeks, in September, 1894, on the Leland Hotel corner (where the Gordon Motor Inn is now). He had with him a colored gentleman who amused the crowd with songs while the doctor interspersed jokes and puns as he told of the recuperative pmvcrs of the medicines he was selling. He pulled teeth free of charge for ,111 who needed this service.

The doctor paid the Council $25.00 for a transient trader's license to do business in Portage la Prairie for the above period of time.

When a child got a tooth cavity it didn't cause too much concern in those days. Rushing him (or her) to a 'filling station' was impossible. The door knob was used for more than opening a door! A stout string tied around the tooth, attached to the knob of an open door, a quick slam .md the problem was ended without expense or too much inconvenience.

It is reasonable to assume that a dread of dental treatment sterns from those long-gone days.

We haw' conic a long way since those times. Instead of sitting on a vinegar barrel on a street corner, with an audience observing every painful grimace, we CHn relax in a comfortable chair in a dentist's off icc, and, due to progress in science, have our dental work done wi thou t pain.

The names of dentists through the years arc not available.

However, Dr. H. H. Smith, whom many have relied on for capable dental service for more YC<lrs than we know, and who is still practicing, gave us the names of a few dentists to record here. There was Dr. Norm. Bailey (deceased) who practiced in Portage before the second World War, and served the forces during that time. There was also Dr. Fred Garvin (dcccuscd ), Dr. Joe Mcrril, Dr. [im Menzies (who now resides in Penticton, B.C.), and Dr. Walter Dalzell who retired to Vancouver, B.C. Dr. William Shiels, who is no longer living here, had an office at 29 Royal Road N. in more recent times.

In compiling history, many years hence, it might be helpful if we record the names and office addresses of our present day dentists, which arc as follows: Dr. William G. Hetherington, 203 Bell Bldg.; Dr. Frederick W. Parrott, 150 Cochrane St.; Dr. H. H. Smith, 14