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The local baseball diamond, at that time, was on the south west corner of Saskatchewan Ave. and Main St., where Smith Motors, Cobbes Plumbing & Heating, etc. are now located.


As the shout, "Play ball", rang alit on Tuesday, July 25, 1967, a proud bunch of Portagers watched the Mexico and United States players take their places on the ball field. To outsiders who came to see the game it was an evening of excitement; to dyed-in­ the-wool ball fans it had the added attraction of seeing a ball park second to none in Canada; and to Portagers it was a dream come true.

A few skeptics thought a ball park suitable for Pan-American games couldn't be built in such a short time. Certainly the land was available in a lovely setting on Island Park. But the land! Wasn't it just a rough little field full of holes? Also, how could work be done on it if it didn't stop raining? And whoever heard of such an elaborate project being completed in only 56 days?! "Can't be done. Can't be done", they said.

Fortunately, the Pan-Am Baseball Committee was made up of mem bers who didn't believe in the word 'can't.'

Rev. H. L. Henderson became Chairman of the committees; Ald.

A. R. Barrett was appointed Assistant General Chairman and Mr. D. D. Stevenson as Executive Director. Others who took on respon­ sible positions in this determined group were:

Grounds & Facilities - Gerald Cobbe, Fritz Theil, Jack Forsythe, F. A. Dalzell, Glen Ellwood, Ald. A. Ornichinski, Ald. R. E. Burk and Stuart Sharpe.

Finance: D. G. Rodger and Ald. W. A. Linden. Tickets: Harry Foxton.

Publicity: Ian A. McKenzie, H. L. Empey, Webster Burton, and

Mayer Rabkin.

Ceremonial, Decorations & Music: S/L Jack Coates Commuriications, P. A., etc.: Bert Pilgrim and Keith Pickell. Schedule, Umpires, Programmes : David Greenberg, John Vopni,

  1. Hendricks and F /0 C. C. Patterson.

Reception and Hospitality: Reeve Robert Adrian and W. H.


Traffic Control & Security: Sgt. W. S. Munn, Ald. E. C. Brooker and Ald. F. VV. Cuthbert.

Personnel Committee: Vern Watson, R. Hooper and C. Clifford.