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Of course the first step in the work project was the surveying of the ten acres of land. This was done by Stuart Sharpe. The ensuing steps (briefly) are as follows:

(As recorded by Mr. D. D. Stevenson.) - (Quote) -

"May 6th As the entire area had to be leveled, this was the day we moved in the heavy earth-moving equipment and went to work. Literally thousands of yards of earth had to be moved to do this job.

May 15th By this time the entire area inside the race track had been completely leveled and mulched, and this was the day we spread a ton of fertilizer over the en tire area.

May 16th This was the day that we started the seeding operation, seeding a ton of special grass seed recommended by the U niversity of Manitoba.

May 19th Through the generosity of many of the local market gardeners we had been able to borrow irrigation equipment which went into action on this day.

May 30th This was the day that we could see the first spears of grass coming up. This was 24 days after the start of the operation.

June 8th This was a night to be remembered: around 65 men, women, boys and girls arrived on the scene with paint rollers, paint pots and paint brushes, and painted the entire seating of the Grandstand and stairways in I hour and 28 minutes.

June 17th This was the day that the sodding of the infield was started.

June 21st Back stop framework was set into place. June 23rd The entire playing field was fenced."

By July 18th the Pan-American Baseball facilities were nearing completion, but there were still a few time-consuming jobs to be done.

On July 23rd, the bleachers and Press box were made ready ­ with only two days left until games' time!

July 25th. The BIG day! Flags go up, Mr. A. Moffat placed the "home-plate" and everything was in perfect shape for the opening game at 5.30 p.m.

The games played in the Portage Ia Prairie, Pan-American inspired ball park were:

Mexico vs United States, United States vs Puerto Rico, Puerto Rico vs Cuba, Mexico vs United States, Cuba vs M-exico, Canada vs United States and the play-off game - in that order.