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Soccer was a very popular game at one time and in 1910 Portage had 5 or 6 teams. The picture shown is self explanatory - the team that won the city cup.

Soccer flourished until the beginning of the 2nd World War, actually, and it was within the past few years that it has become popular again.

Back. row, .left to right: C. B. Astbury, J. H. Humber, J. Peden, C. R. Rogers.

E. A. Mlddledrtch, H. G. Ellwood. R. McKie and T. R. Campbell.

Middle row: A. Gibson, Major F. G. Taylor, 0.5.0., B. R. Maddams, C. J.

Sharp and E. Eammons.

Front row: H. Peden, W. S. Smith, J. Benzie and J. R. Walker.

A Portage Football Club who were winners of the Portage and District League Cup and also the Armstrong Cup in 1924.


Whenever the topic of basketball is brought up, Ralph Rowley's name is bound to be mentioned. He started coaching the Portage "Pats" team in 1940, and continued through the 1941 season. The team then were deprived of his coaching services until he was released from the Air Force in 1945. Since that time to the present day he has been a Coach that we are all proud to call a Portager. He has always

stressed good sportsmanship and has been commended many times for the courteousness of the players on his teams through the years.