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During Ralph's first years of coaching, the only place they had to practice was a small, low-ceilinged, under regulation size gym. in the old collegiate. Then he obtained permission to use the Drill Hall (in the vicinity of the Arthur Meighen High School) for one season. Both Coach and the team walked to all the practices.

MacDonald Airport officials were very co-operative, the follow­ ing year, in offering their gymnasium for use once a week, as well as for some games through the season. This privilege was very much appreciated for two years. Then South Port built their new recreation centre, with its large gymnasium, and granted permission to have games played there. Being closer to the city, it was more convenient for the Coach and team.

After the Prince Charles school was officially opened in 1950, weekly practices and games were held there. (This was the school that burned to the ground on April 14, 1968).

Until 1950, the team only had one or two competitive games per season. From 1950 to 1953 things were looking up and they were getting 5 - 7 games.

1953 marks the "Pats" first year in a Provincial tournament. Since that time, they have been in the Manitoba tourney about a dozen times. Although they have not yet won a Provincial "A" title they have, most years, made a creditable showing. They have won the HB" title three times and were "A" finalists one year.

Dorothy Prior won an award for the outstanding girl player at the Manitoba tournament held in Winnipeg in 1959, and Addy Ryn­ gach had the honor of being named the outstanding player in the Pro­ vincial tournament held in Brandon in 1966.

The Collegiate got its first Athletic Director, Stanley Floyd, in 1960 or 1961, and was first in n basketball league with both boys and girls teams. Since that time the Athletic Director has arranged all games, both league and exhibition, and the trips have been made by bus.

In recent years, Ralph Rowley has been able to run a grade 8 girls' league in Prince Charles gym. one night a week. This has been helpful in forming a good "Pats" team.

A remarkable man, Ralph Rowley! Although he appreciated the honor of receiving awards from the Portage and District Chamber of Commerce, and the Portage Kinsmen Club, for his work through the years, he in no way looked for, or expected, any special recognition.