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club and an outside one was played on Saturday evening. The visitors were the Grain Exchange club team of Winnipeg, who came up here with all the prestige of one of Winnipeg's crack teams. They were entertained at the Albion by the Portage club.

The match was a lively one, and the Portagers soon showed tho. t they were worthy opponents by taking the first and second goals, Snider and Beattie doing the scoring. The game ended five to two in favor of Portage." Other boys mentioned as playing on the team that night were: J. Sheppard, D. G. Macdonald, ? Stanley, C. Grassie and S. Macdonald. A. J. Bell was the umpire.

Back in those same 'good old days' of seven-man hockey, when games were played 30 minutes each way before a rest period was called, a team brought Portage an Intermediate Championship (1897-1898). The team was made up of A. Cleaver, J. Irvine, W. Pitblado, D. G. Macdonald, W. N. Roxburgh, S. M. Macdonald,

  1. A. Young and T. Weaver.

E. A. Gilroy was the manager of a team that brought the second Intermediate Hockey title to Portage in March of 1905. It is regret­ table that we can't be certain of the names of the boys who were on this team. However, some of them are thought to have been R. Charlton, Art Serviss, E. Day, F. B. Thomson and C. B. Graban.

The All Professional Club was formed in 1907, 1908 or 1909, and was financed by the sale of shares to local citizens. Several of the greatest hockey players of that era were members of this team. Old-timers who were hockey enthusiasts at that time will remember 'Newsy' Lalonde, 'Cyclone' Taylor, Dubeau, Smith (of Smith Falls), 'Skinner' Poulin etc. Roy Charlton, who was the youngest Pro-Hockey Player of the West was also a member, as was Art Service. (The latter boy might be the same one mentioned previously, and whose name is misspelled either here or formerly, which is due to infor­ mation submitted by different people.) At that time, Portage had the largest ice surface of any rink in Western Canada!

Little bits and pieces of notes are too interesting to be discarded simply because there is no follow-up of information. One says, "Jack O'Reilly coached a Western team for several years (I'm not sure if it was The Trail Smoke-eaters) and took them to the Olympics in Europe representing Canada". (Jack O'Reilly was a Portager.)

Another says, "A Portage boy, Jim Glennie, coached and played for one of the leading teams in England for some years. He also made quite a name for himself in golf".