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As hockey has been one of the most popular sports through the years, from the days of the pioneers to the present time, it is impos­ sible in a book of this size to cover it completely, or even adequately. We can merely share with you some of the highlights, and the ones of which we are not aware must necessarily be omitted.

Going forward to the 1930s, Portage had reason to be proud of their Terriers when they won the Manitoba championship (1934- 1935) .

Portage Terriers, 1934ยท1935.

Shown in the picture here they are, from left to right:

Back row: Manager L. J. McDougall, A. Kuly (defence), and Ade Johnson (Coach).

2nd row: Lindsay McDougall (Centre), S. Wilkinson, (Defence Sub.), Jim Collier (R. Wing), Geo. Crewson (Defence), W. Osborne (L. Wing), Peter Ander­ son (Wing Sub.).

Front row: L. Kennedy (Goal Sub.), K. Ellwood (L. Wing Sub.), J. Lang (Centre Sub.), N. Poliski (R. Wing Sub.) and R. King (Goal).

Seated on the floor in front is Craig Stewart (Mascot).

Long before this game, a new rink was built in Portage on the site where the new Safeway Store now stands. The building, shown in this text, was destroyed by an arsonist.

We are fortunate in being able to also include among our list of winners, the P.C.I. Hockey Team, who came out on top in the Manitoba League 1935-1936.