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of only a few feet when it got stuck on the tracks. Joe Hourie's horses, that were noted for their size and strength, tugged for all their worth; Addie Bell, Jim Cook and Joe Collier, who were self­ appointed engineers of the project, were slightly disconcerted by the fact that all rail traffic was tied up; and disgruntled train passengers certainly weren't viewing the 'pride and joy of Southside' as a thing of beauty!

South Side Pee Wee Hockey Team, 1968ยท'69.

Back row, left to right: Kim Barnes, Mitch White, Stanley Sharp, Jim Brands.

Scott Follett and Edzo Kok.

Centre row; Bernie Narvey, Ron Horner' (Coach), Robbie Earl, Mitch Cook and Stanley Charette.

Front row: Telford Delor'me. Knowlson McDermid and Ron White.

It \VaS with feelings of relief that the workers finally saw the boxcar sitting safe and solid on the "Sou th Side Cen tre" rink, as the new one was called. Two donated stoves made it reasonably comfortable and it served its purpose for several years.

Eventually, it was replaced by a building which was moved from South Airport, and is still being used. It contains all conveniences and receives most of its financial support from various activities.