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The police Court was first housed in the old City Hall. At the present time it is in the remodelled old post office which is the City Hall at this time. The Juvenile Court also operates from there and the Judge is also the Magistrate.

The Queen's Bench Court, the County Court, the Surrogate Court and their clerks and the Sheriff occupy the Court House.

Through the years law enforcement has been in the hands of the village, town, city, and since 1942 the R.C.M.P., always with the help of the Provincial Police up to 1932, when the R.C.M.P. took over the policing of the Province.

Retired Magistrate R. W. Webster says, "Serious crimes have been few, and the most predominant cases belong in the offences against the Highway Traffic Act and the Liquor Act. When there are around 400,000 vehicles registered in the Province, and with the flourishing business under the Liquor Act, one can account for the many cases under these Acts.

Certainly, with all these courts and so much law available, the influence of all this must contribute to the law abiding nature of our citizens. An R.C.M.P. report to the City Council for 1968 shows that while crime may be on the upswing in many parts of Canada, this is not the case in Portage la Prairie. Which still indicated that it is a real dandy place in which to live."

R. W. Webster, Q.C. was a law studen t in Portage in 1914, went overseas in 1915 during the war, and returned to Portage in 1917. He was called to the bar in 1922 and was made Q.C. in 1955.

From Jan. 1931 to June 1957 he was the Police Magistrate and Juvenile Court Judge.

Mr. Webster is now retired in Portage, where his heart and home have always been. His friendly personality is a joy to all who know him, and very few don't.

In 1958 he W,lS honored with the "Better Portage Award", which was presented to him by the Chamber of Commerce.

R. VV. VVebster, Q.C.