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with Han. Joseph Martin. On the latter date, he moved to Winnipeg where he served as an alderman for a year.

In 1905, he was appointed Puisne Judge of the court of King's bench for Manitoba, and was promoted to Chief Justice on Feb. 7th, 1910.


Arthur Meighen was born on a farm near St. Maris, Ontario, June 16th, 1874. He came to Portage la Prairie in 1902 to open a law practice, and on Oct. 26th, 1908, was elected ClS the Conserva tive member of parliament for the constituency of Portage la Prairie.

On Sept. 25th, 1911, he was ap­ pointed solicitor-general, and in 1919 became secretary-of-state in Sir Robert Borden's government. A short time la tel' he was named minister of the interior.

When Sir Robert Borden re­ tired from the prime ministership of Canada on July 10th, 1920, Mr. Meighen stepped into his shoes. He served two short terms as prime minister, in 1920 and

'",:t'""" again in 1926. He was a member

"''-Ie; of the Senate from 1932-1942, when he resigned to again be­ come leader of the Conserva tive party. Upon his subsequent de­ feat in a by-election, he gave up the party leadership and retired

Rt. Hon. Arthur Meighen from politics.

Mr. Meighen served 28 years in both houses of Parliament, a long time in anyone's life! Sixteen of those years were as leader of his party in one House or the other.

He was a man noted for his keen memory, and on his frequent visits to Portage la Prairie enjoyed walking up and down the streets, shaking hands with the many that he could greet by name, and reminiscing about the happy years he spent in our midst when he was a young lawyer.

Mr. Arthur Meighen passed away on Aug. 7th, 1960. He was buried in Ontario, a few miles from his birthplace.

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