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In 1929 Mr. Anderson was appointed President and General Manager of the Winnipeg Electric Company.


Not much history concerning Mr. Justice D. A. MacDonald is available. However, a Daily Graphic paper Qf April 3, 1922, says he practised law in Portage la Prairie as early as 1888 and that he rose to a position of Supreme Court Judge.


Joseph Martin was educated in Toronto, Ontario, and after coming west he practised law in Portage 1a Prairie and Winnipeg. He was called to the Bar in Manitoba, 1882, in B.C., 1897 (Q.C. 1899). A Liberal in politics, he represented Portage la Prairie in the Manitoba legislature, 1883-1892. He served as attorney general in the Greenway administration, 1888-1891, and introduced the mea­ sure abolishing separate schools in Manitoba.

Entering federal politics, he sat for Winnipeg in the Canadian House of Commons from 1893 until he was defeated in 1896.

In 1897 he moved to Vancouver, where he practised law until 1908 and edited and published the Vancouver Guardian (1907).

He represented Vancouver in the provincial legislature, 1898- 1903, and served as attorney general in the Semlin administration, 1898-99. On March 1, 1900, he became Premier of B.C. This position was of short duration through no fault of his own.

He moved to England in 1908 and represen ted East St. Pancras in the British House of Commons, 1910-1918.

Han. Joseph Martin had thus the unusual, if not unique, dis­ tinction of having been a member of four different legislative bodies in the course of his political career.


Han. T. G. Mathers was born in Lucknow, Ontario, in 1859 and came to Portage la Prairie in 1883; he edited the Manitoba Liberal the same year.

He took up the study of law in 1884 and was called to the Bar of Manitoba in 1890. From 1895 to 1898 he was in partnership