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The three teams of horses shown are drawing a 'steamer fire pumper', chemical and ladder carrier and a hose wagon.

This Fire Hall was vacated on Sept. 24, 1959 when it was tom down.

The Fire Department felt they had come a long way when they replaced horse power with cars. A 1914 McLaughlin Buick, bought from S. J. Newman was turned into a hose carrier and a Cadillac

was also pu t in to service.

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First Cars for Fire Brigade

Horse-drawn vehicles, rapidly racing to the scene of a fire, and often turning corners on two wheels in an urgency to get there, was soon nothing more than a memory. The picture shown here was taken in 1922. Firemen L. to R. are: F. A. Fish, Harry Russel, Frank Weatherly, Charles Jenner and Stewart Carmichael.

A brief history of equipment might be of interest to many.

In 1921 the American Lafrance triple combination fire pumper, 500 gals. per minute water delivery at 120 lbs. per square inch on the pump, was purchased. It operated until 1956. It is now in the Manitoba Agricultural Museum at Austin.

The present day fire trucks consist of 1931 Seagren 500 gal. per minute single stage 120 P.S.I. Carries 1800 to 2000 ft. of 2Y2" hose,