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We are fortunate in being able to procure a picture of a gallant brigade of 1892, and to be able to preserve their names for posterity.

A meeting held in the Fire Hall on December 8, 1890, with Mr.

R. Watson, M.P. in the chair, ended with an agreement to organize a brigade of fifteen members on a voluntary basis. However, they agreed that $2.00 per hour should be paid for each fire they attended and SOc for each practice. Mr. Roxburgh was elected as chief at that meeting. His salary was to be $150.00 per year.

Fire Chiefs through the years have been as follows:

Chief R. Roxburgh (1890-1892), Chief 1. W. Thompson (1892- 1893), Chief J. Beattie (1893-1895), Chief O. W. Humber (1895- 1896), Chief R. Roxburgh (1896-1909).

Chief Kilkerny assumed charge in 1909 when the City reor­ ganized as a Fire Department and appointed J. Woods and W. Bell as permanent employees with 8 volunteers. Later, in the same year, Chief Kilkerny resigned and Chas. Dennison was appointed 'acting chief', until the next month when he officially became Chief.

Chief R. Roxburgh came back into the picture again in 1910 and served until 1919. He was followed by Chas. E. Jenner (1919-1927), Geo. Spriggs (1927-1963), Assist. Chief F. A. Fish (who started with the Fire Dept. in 1920) served as Chief for one month in 1963 before retiring.

The present fire chief, Harold Braden, has an admirable record of fire fighting experience. He started with the Department in 1947, was promoted to Assistant Chief in 1963 and to Chief in 1964.

Roy Watson, who started with the Department in 1948 was promoted to Assistant Chief in 1964 and now holds the position of Deputy Chief.

Fire Hall of 1901. Three teams drawing equip­ ment.

The 2112 storey Fire Hall shown here was located on the corner of Tupper Street and Saskatchewan Avenue. The official

k!, opening of this building

took place on Oct. 7, 1893.

This picture was taken ··in 1901 and shows it ; decorated for the occasion

of the coronation of King Edward VII.