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THE CAMPBELL SOUP CO. LTD. PLANT (See map for location) Soup is not just a menu item in Portage la Prairie, it is also an industry.

The Campbell Soup Co. decided to locate here in 1959 because they considered it the best site for their purpose in the west. Freight rates, freight accessibility via railways and highways, potential to develop fine vegetable-growing areas, an adequate supply of good water and the availability of high calibre labour were all important factors.

The plant has grown considerably since it opened nine years ago. A freezer-warehouse was builtin 1964 and a 'finished product warehouse' was added in this year of '68.

The picture shown here, although it doesn't cover the entire Campbell Soup Co. Plant, will give you an idea of the size and architecture of the establishment.

Some interesting facts about this industry can be stated briefly: 30 varieties of soup are made in the plant; all the soup produced must meet uniform taste and quality standards; much of the vegetables used are grown in our own fertile Portage soil; there are strict rules of sanitation; and most of the employees are Portagers. The manager is Mr. E. J. Korhonen.

Freight movement through the Plant during the past fiscal year 1967-68 reached a total of 90,000 tons of raw materials received and finished products shipped out. What this means in terms of the community economic picture is illustrated by the fact that employees'