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Harry Leader eventually took over the parental farm, and it be­ came famous as the home of the North Lane Herd of Registered Angus cattle, which Mr. Leader exhibited at agricultural fairs throughout Canada with consid­ erable success.

Born in 1881 at Burnside, he was elected as a rural councillor a t the age of 26 years. He repre­ sented Ward 5 for six consecutive years before assuming the role of reeve.

He later defeated Art h u r Meighen and went to Parliament where his forceful expression sometimes got him into trouble with his party, but endeared him to his constituents. He was a

champion of western agriculture, crusading for better farm produce prices, markets further afield, lower tariffs on machinery, and to raise the standards of livestock and grain.

Harry Leader was married to a Portage girl by the name of Ella MacBeth. Three children blessed this union. He passed away in 1946 leaving relatives, and the many many friends he had made during his lifetime.


Mr. Meighen's 26 years in his country's service may have been long, but another Portager, this time a native of our district, is still making Commonwealth history. By 1970 Douglas Lloyd Camp­ bell, a farmer's son, will have marked 48 years as a member of the Manitoba Legislature - a record unparalleled in any legislative body in the British Commonwealth.

Mr. Campbell's life has been filled with achievements. He has not personally lost one election since he put his name before the voters of Lakeside, a rural Portage constituency, in 1922. He served for 22 years as a member of the provincial cabinet; and 10 years as Premier of our province.

Mr. Campbell still operates the land that his parents farmed