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when he was born May 27th, 1895, in the Flee Island district. He took his public schooling at Flee Island, high school at Por­ tage la Prairie, and attended col­ lege in Brandon, Man.

He married Margaret Gladys Crampton of High Bluff, and from this union there are seven children.

It was during the time of Mr.

Campbell's regime in the post­ war years that the province's rural electrification pro g ram gained its impetus. This program will always stand as a monument

to Mr. Campbell's work.

Mr. Campbell was elected by

his Liberal party colleagues in 1948 to take over as premier when Premier Stuart Garson resigned to join the federal government. The Liberal party fell from power in the election of June, 1958, and Mr. Campbell was succeeded as party leader in April, 1961, by Gildas Molga t.

He still represents Lakeside as an MLA, however, and his warm understanding, boyish sense of humor, knowledge of the people and the province continue to make him a valuable representative whose council is valued by members of all parties.


Robert W. Bend is the son of Mr. J. P Bend (the well-known hockey team manager) and Mrs. Bend of Poplar Poin t. He was elected M.L.A. in 1949; Minister of Health and Public Welfare, 1955-1958; Minister of Education in 1959; and at the present time (1968) he is Supervisor of the Transcona Springfield School Division.


Hon. T. A. Crerar is another illustrious gentleman who got his basic education in the public schools and Collegiate at Portage.

During his lifetime he has been associated with various enter­ prises in an executive capacity such as the United Grain Growers